Adam Siemaszkiewicz


Casual architect and graphic designer, a blogger after hours of music and devoted owner of a German pointer.

He studied architecture and urbanism at the Technical University of Wroclaw and the Lincoln School of Architecture in England. In search of adventure and experience traveled through Europe while living and working in Norway (Saunders Architecture, Bergen), Germany (Heupel Architekten, Münster) and Belgium (OYO Architects, Gent). After kilkulatniej travel back and together with the Polish Iwo Borkowicz studio he founded In addition to the architecture passionate about music, leading music channel called Eargasm.

In architecture most fascinates me is that properly designed has a real impact on improving the quality of life of people. In conjunction with the philosophy of learning through theater, cooperation on projects of the Foundation allows the realization of ideas in which I believe deeply, in a very diverse and inspiring company.