Przem Wojak


Over 20 years of practice in consumer and B2B communications Przem with experience in the advertising, integrated communications, public relations digital and social media. With experience in a number of business ventures he was able to participate in the development of Polish media and marketing communication market after 1989’ shift of political and economic systems.

Interested in trends – for the last seven years, he’s been the promotor of Cannes Lions Creative PR Meetings, a series of events with the aim of educating and integrating the marketing community. The undertaking fulfills the educating mission of Q&A Communications, the company he leads.

As a juror who took part in numerous marketing competitions both in Poland and abroad Przem knows how important it is to be objective. He is convinced one must do things well and with engagement and he believes in the work ethos. He thinks education is the source of force we can draw from throughout our lives.

"I became a founder because I have experienced how wise and unusual education changed lives of my children."