Building foundations for the  future.


our mission

Supporting education and innovation.


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The Education Centre

Construction and development of education centre in Ulyankulu, Tanzania.

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Teaching Through Theatre

Educational activities for children.

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Teacher Training

Workshops for teachers in Wayair's pedagogy. 

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Maren Castro Scholarship Fund

Supporting students tuition, wellbeing and health so they can flourish.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s innovators.

The future lies in the hands of the next generation of Architects, Doctors, Researchers and Innovators. 

We can't predict the future but we can lay its foundations.



Dedicated to change.

At Wayair we bring together professional expertise and local knowledge. We have a history of working with individuals and organisations with complimentary skills.

We are eager to collaborate with new partners who can share new insight and experience from their professional background and expand or support our vision.