Teacher Training

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.
— Malala Yousafzai,

Teacher Training ProGrAMME of activities 

As part of the Education Centre project we implement a comprehensive teacher training. The overall objective is to preparing teachers to use theatrical techniques and songs in teaching English.

The funding for this project was awarded by The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Polish Development Fund.

The training for teachers includes:

1. Active participation in classes conducted by our experts with children in the first 4 weeks (4 hours per week for each teacher - 16 hours)

2. An intensive week's course for teachers after school - two hours a day (10 hours)

3. Conducting classes by teachers using the acquired skills under the supervision of the experts (3 weeks 4 hours per week for each teacher - 12 hours)


Intensive week of study (10 hours)

Course of the training for teachers (re point 2):

1) Learning to use the CDs with rhymes and songs (1h)

2) Methodology of learning songs and rhymes; presentation of songs and rhymes with movement; the use of flashcards, combining them with rhymes and songs (4h)

3) Drama techniques: sculpture, still-frames, improvised dialogue and staging used in teaching (4h)

4) The use of puppets (easier contact with the child, dialogue between children and dolls, dolls used by children in dialogues) (1h)


Skills earned in teacher training:

  • Knowledge of techniques of drama and dramatic games, and the ability to use them in teaching English

  • Ability to properly teach children rhymes and songs

  • Ability to present the movement of rhymes and songs

  • Ability to work with Flashcards, connecting them with songs and rhymes

  • Ability to use puppets in teaching

After finishing the course, the participants will receive a set of teaching materials  a script with the texts of songs and rhymes, a CD with recordings and a set of flashcards, and certificates of completion of the training.



Teacher training is an integral part of our programmes and it is implemented alongside teaching through theatre.

We firmly believe that it’s teachers who create exceptional learning environments and so their learning and development should be a priority




    Project co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland