Ela Drygas

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Ela has 50 years of experience working with children and adolescents. Founder of a youth theatre - „Łejery” in the 1975 and the school by the same name five years later. A lecturer of many courses for teachers from the extent of schooling and upbringing through theatre and songs. Author of popular TV program cycles for TVP 1 incl. “Wyłącz televisor”, „Śpiewanki rodzinne” or „Spotkania z lokomotywą”. In 1995 a nomination of a music video „Jak to jest” to the Emmy prize in New York.

Coauthor of a show about children rights „Dzieci też mają głos” and „Masz prawo do swych praw”. Multiannual associate of SNEP (Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Edukacji Początkowej). Comaker of countless songs and discipline studies for the youngest (e.g. school books „Słońce na stole” and „Nasz Elementarz”). Most importantly awarded with the Order Uśmiechu”.

Laureate of the prize named after Irene Sandlerowa for „Fixing the World”, which he got in October of 2017 together with Ela Drygas for a perennial pedagogic work. The school theatre is a daily lesson in building relations, empathy for other human beings and respect for Educators, teachers and parents.