Arts Teacher/Educator

Kate Rogozinska


I am a retired arts teacher with over 35 years of professional experience working with children of different ages and cultures. For many years, I have participated in an international program Socrates-Comenius which led me to work in partnership with schools across Europe. Moreover, I also have experience working as a tour guide and mentor for children and young people participating in international exchanges. Recently, I have volunteered in South Africa and Mozambique, where I implemented arts based programmes for both children and adults. In South Africa, I completed a course at KwaZulu-Nadal Experimental College and I was certified as a development instructor. At Wayair, I implement the educational side of the programme, working with children and teachers to embed theatre and arts based methods in primary education. 


In my life, the most important is the other human being. I believe, that there is always something to do and it is never too late to do good.